All pricing for Thindustrial13 includes room and food during the event.

<em>Why</em> Thindustrial?

Why Thindustrial?

This highly technical event provides solutions for modern manufacturers who need to have extensive control over the end user devices deployed in their modern factories, including mobile device management (MDM).

See how ThinManager allows you to:

  • Turn mobile devices into highly secure, highly functional mobile thin clients.
  • Deliver applications to any user on any device with just a few clicks.
  • Set up a multiple monitor control room that can deliver interactive views of every session running throughout your facility.
  • Increase your security and extend your visualization into production by adding IP camera feeds.


<em>Who</em> should attend?

Who should attend?

This annual conference attracts a broad spectrum of people including:

  • ThinManager administrators who need to know the latest tools and techniques.
  • Plant floor managers seeking better ways to manage their systems
  • Anyone needing a powerful, secure solution for mobile device management (MDM).
  • Integrators seeking more knowledge and training on this rapidly growing platform.
  • Distributors and Resellers who want to be able to properly sell and support the newly designed ThinManager Platform.


<em>What</em> is the experience?

What is the experience?

Thindustrial13 offers many modular hands-on classes that allow you to learn at your pace and to focus your learning only on the items that are most important to your environment.

Find out what it means to truly manage the server, the client and everything in between.

  • Attendees will be the first to see the all-new ThinManager Platform 7 and its completely redesigned interface. ThinManager 7 has even more configuration wizards that make turning your computer network into a powerful, manageable and mobile solution as easy as a mouse click.


<em>What</em> makes Thindustrial unique?

What makes Thindustrial unique?

Thindustrial13 is not just an Expo room—it’s an Expo environment.

  • The entire venue is transformed into an interactive, immersive experience with technology demonstrations available at virtually every turn.


<em>Who</em> else will be there?

Who else will be there?

Hear from real end users and integrators as they share their success implementing ThinManager across multiple industries. Almost half of the presentations will be from actual ThinManager users.

Check out this quick video about Thindustrial13 »